Is your home CHERPing?


A partnership with the City of Claremont, California,
local energy efficiency experts and volunteers.


250  Homes Completed!

Phase I: 130 Claremont Homes - Done!
Phase II: Upgrade 1,300 Homes.
In progress!

Testimonials & Case Studies

Read about how other Claremont homeowners are reducing their carbon footprint, saving on energy bills, and increasing the comfort and health of their homes - at a great price.  Read more...


Learn about our partners, rebates & financing for home energy improvements, frequently asked questions and how to find a great contractor.  Read more....

Get Involved

Learn how in just 3 simple steps you can start saving energy in your home, helping achieve carbon reduction goals, and educating other homeowners about how to make their homes cozier and more energy efficient. Read more....

City-wide Celebration of Energy Efficiency

Claremont City Council and CHERP on 1/24/13 celebrated achieving our goal of retrofitting 130 homes in Claremont.  Watch Video ...