Is your home CHERPing?


A partnership with the City of Claremont, California,
local energy efficiency experts and volunteers.

Energy Upgrade California

Energy Upgrade CaliforniaEnergy Upgrade California is a partnership between California counties, cities, non-profit organizations and utilities aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of our existing building stock. Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Energy Upgrade California's goals are four-fold: 

1) To educate consumers about the various programs, incentives and rebates available for energy saving home improvements;

2) To provide a consistent and clear message about the most effective steps for improving residential energy efficiency; 

3) To serve as a central resource for educational information about energy efficiency in the home and programs aimed at increasing energy efficiency; and

4) To educate the building trades about jobs, training and certifications in the home performance and energy efficiency categories.

We're happy to be partnering with Energy Upgrade California to help achieve these shared goals. For more information about the program, visit their website.

Energy Champions

An Energy Champion (EC) is an organization that promotes the benefits of a home energy upgrade by educating homeowners about Energy Upgrade California in Los Angeles County. The Energy Champion receives funds for each home energy upgrade completed by a homeowner that they have introduced to the EUCLA Program.

Sustainable Claremont was named the most successful Energy Champion in the Los Angeles County. For more information about Energy Champions, click here.