Is your home CHERPing?


A partnership with the City of Claremont, California,
local energy efficiency experts and volunteers.


Frequently asked questions about home energy efficiency, residential energy consumption, building science and the Claremont Home Energy Retrofit Program (CHERP): 

What is the economic significance of energy efficiency and renewable energy?  

When most people think home energy, they think two things: energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Learn about the economics of your options.

What is home performance?

Home Performance is one of the crucial new terms in building science and home energy efficiency, but one that hasn't yet broken into the mainstream. Learn more here.

What are the benefits of retrofitting your home?

One of the most common myths among owners of aging homes is that it's a good thing for their homes to be leaky. Learn about the relationship between air sealing, energy efficiency, and proper ventilation.

What is a whole-house energy audit?

A home energy audit is the first step in improving your home's energy efficiency. Learn what it's all about.

What is the importance of air sealing?

Learn how air-sealing can make your home more efficient.

What if my home is new, and already has insulation? 

While most modern homes contain some amount of insulation, the majority are still poor energy performers.