Is your home CHERPing?


A partnership with the City of Claremont, California,
local energy efficiency experts and volunteers.

Our Goals

The Problem:

We are facing an energy crisis. Relying on fossil fuels to power our economy is raising the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is driving climate change and global warming. To achieve a sustainable society we have to develop renewable energy sources and reduce our use of fossil fuels. The most important resource we have to achieve those goals  is energy efficiency. Most houses and other buildings are much less energy efficient than we think, wasting on average 50-60% of the energy they use.

The Solution:

In the United States, buildings consume 48% of the total energy used (primary and embodied) and produce 44% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S.  In Claremont, residential buildings use 80% of the total energy consumed. Therefore, to comply with California’s energy reduction goals, Claremont has to improve the energy efficiency of its residential buildings.


Our Goals:

CHERP's Phase I goal was to complete deep energy retrofits on 1% of the single-family homes in Claremont - a total of 130 homes. In January of 2013, we celebrated the successful completetion that that goal, and announced a new one: Phase II goal is to retrofit 10% - 1,300 - of the homes in our community!


Feel free to contact us for more information, we'd be happy to help you get started.